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Your generous contribution will enable HHT to continue to provide support to the 23 historic properties in its collection for essential maintenance, preservation and capacity building projects. Advocating for the historic houses as a unified collection, HHT strives to provide programs, services and community engagement initiatives that strengthen each house individually and equally benefit the houses as a whole.

HHT is committed to community, diversity, innovation and change. We work with these sites to bring innovative programs like our Contemporary Art Partnerships and Roof Raisers Curatorial Brigade to their constituents. Your one-time gift supports all of HHT's efforts working on behalf and with its member sites to increase their ability to connect with diverse constituents.

Contemporary Art Partnership Program:

Threadlines-Farida Sedoc

Like Seaglass: A Hand Full of Light - MJ Levy Dickson's

Roof Raisers Curatorial Brigade:


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