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Effective, Sustainable & Collaborative

For the last 30 years, the Historic House Trust has celebrated a rich tapestry of New York City history through an extraordinary ensemble of houses that are found in all five boroughs. As we celebrate our milestone anniversary, we want to take a moment to thank you for all you have done to make HHT and this magnificent collection of historic sites stronger with each passing year.

HHT is proud of our accomplishments and we have our gaze focused on the future. On any given day there are countless opportunities to interact with our 23 sites. And importantly, visit again and the experience will be completely different. These special places are constantly evolving, proactively formulating new and more engaging ways to share their narratives and their unique contributions to our city.

HHT’s next frontier is providing the most universal access possible for visitors with disabilities. HHT was fortunate to receive a grant this year that will allow us to experiment with innovative methods of enhancing inclusivity at our house museums. Some sites will interpret this as a way to open the experiences they offer to those previously barred. Others will view this as a chance to become a testing ground for the latest advancements in virtual and augmented reality, web-based access, and other means of inclusion that we might not even imagine. For me, it is another reminder that these sites are living, breathing entities that constantly strive to be even more welcoming.

The evolution at our sites inspires HHT to improve itself as well. While we have accomplished much over the last 30 years in preserving, promoting, and providing expertise to these 23 historic sites, HHT has ambitious plans to make our work more effective, sustainable, and collaborative. This is possible thanks to the dedication of our staff, the fruitful partnerships we have with each historic house, the support of NYC Parks, and financial contributions from donors such as you. Please consider a gift by December 31st to help HHT continue to evolve, improve, and shine even brighter in 2020.


Lisa Ackerman
Chair of HHT