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Rediscover NYC with the Historic House Trust!

Welcome Home. The Historic House Trust invites you to rediscover the delights New York City has to offer.

With a membership to the Historic House Trust you have the freedom to journey across all five boroughs in search of new adventures. With unlimited free admission to the historic house museums in our collection, New York City is your oyster! And make sure to check out our new membership benefits, including special members-only tours, invitations to our 30th anniversary lecture series, and more.

Keep Exploring. You have likely taken in the spectacular views from the top of the Empire State Building, paid tribute to the lovely Lady Liberty, and sampled Frank Sinatra's favorite slice. But what New Yorker stops there? Reclaim your status as an urban adventurer by spending a day at one of the extraordinary sites in the Historic House Trust's collection. This year we're making it easy for you by creating travel guides to these sites and the vibrant, diverse neighborhoods that surround them. These guides will be sent to members throughout the year!

Become a Member Today. Whether you are new to New York City or a lifelong resident, membership to the Historic House Trust makes it simple to find your next adventure and fall in love with the metropolis for the first time, or all over again. Grab your membership card, your special edition HHT baseball cap (a benefit of a Family Level membership), and get out there and keep exploring!

Membership Levels:

  • Friend ($50) / Student/Senior ($35):
    • One membership card; Free admission to all Historic House Trust sites*
    • Monthly e-blasts highlighting the best events at Historic House Trust sites
    • Travel guides to Historic House Trust sites
    • Invitations to lectures and special events throughout the year
    • Acknowledgment on the Historic House Trust website
  • Family ($125):
    • Benefits of a Friend membership, plus: Second membership card
    • Free admission extended to members' children
    • Select one special gift (see below for image references)
      • Special edition HHT baseball cap OR
      • Set of 23 notecards featuring beautiful watercolors of HHT houses
        (Email or Call the HHT Development Office to select your special gift choice)
  • Special Family ($250):
    • Benefits of a Family membership
    • Invitations to two members-only events that will allow exclusive access to the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre and the Little Red Lighthouse
  • Patron ($500):
    • Benefits of a Special Family membership
    • "Pay it forward" by funding five Family memberships that will be offered to visiting schoolchildren so that they can continue exploring our sites with their families
  • Cornerstone ($1,000):
    • Benefits of a Patron membership
    • Private, behind-the-scenes tour of one Historic House Trust site of your choice*

Memberships are fully tax-deductible.

*Due to certain restrictions, please inquire about access to houses that are not regularly open to the public, including the Seguine Mansion, the Little Red Lighthouse, Gracie Mansion, and the Hendrick I. Lott House.

Historic House Trust Members (as of November 16, 2018)

Cornerstone Level

Julie Blackburn and Jack Taylor

Patron Level

Deborah McManus, Ed Parran, Dianne Pilgrim and David Stuzman

Special Family Level

Mary Ann Fastook, Lucy Kennedy, Joseph Kopitz, E. Peter Krulewitch, Kellie Melinda, Renee Ring, Theodore Scull, Joan Taubner, Raymond Townsend, Holly Weinstein, and Lloyd Zuckerberg.

Family Level

Mona Abdelfatah, Robert Ausubel, Callie Baker, Robert Baschnagel, Katrina Becker, Leslie Beller, Israel Berger, Alvin Berr, Allyson Bowen, Catherine Bradley, Susi Brandt Alex Calabrese, Wanda Chin, Betty Cohen, Ellis Cousens, Theresa Dick, Elizabeth Fuchs, Michael Goldblum, Joanna Grab, Jack Gunther, Robin Harper, William Hudson, John Krawchuk, Susan Lally, Joel London, Joana Lucashuk, Barbara Minakakis, Edward Mohylowski, Kenneth Nassau, Marilyn Noz, Theresa Osborne, Kate Ottavino, Deborah Parks, Arthur Robertshaw, Mary Roggenburg, Christopher Shyer, Michael Sonberg, Marilyn Stroh, Jean Tatge, Elizabeth Theofan, David Waldman, Barbara Wyckoff, and Linda Yowell

Friend/Senior Level

Lisa Ackerman, Dee Adams, Suzanne Ainslie, Elizabeth Ashby, Anne Barone, Douglas Baxter, Jeff Beler, Ann Bennewitz,Shelley Berend, John Beringer, Robert Biegen, Peter Boysen, Therese Braddick, Susi Brandt, Elizabeth Buatti, David Burger, Deborah Burke, David Byars, Helene Cagan, Suzi Chase, Heide-Rose Cleary, Robert Clere, Alice Concagh, Susan Costa, Jane Cowan, Theresa Craig, Gail Crane, Christine Dabrow, Bruce Deal, Vincent DiNapoli, Sara Durkacs, Mark Emerson, Sheila Ewall, Charlotte Fahn, Joanne Fichtel, Arthur Field, Mary Flaherty, Henry Flax, Judith Floam, Joseph Halpern, Angela heyob, Joslin Kimball Frank, Lisa Gilson, Beatrice Gottlieb, Susan Gottridge, Audrey Green, Sibyl Groff, Jeff Guerrier, Victoria Hale, Edwin Hamilton, Theodore Hammer, Abbe Heller, David Hogarty, Virginia Holloway, Joseph Hoopes, Felicia Huang, Joanna Humphrey, Chelsea Hyde, Howard Johnson, Tara Kelly, James Kerr, Toni Lee Kiff, Joyce Klar, Ari Klickstein, Elynna Klink, George Leibson, Margaret Leiser, Jack Linn, Marianne T. Lofti, Jennifer Loftus, Katrina London, Alan Lubliner, Christine Maly, Lucille Mandel, Barbara Marks, Tammy Martin, Anne Martin, David Masello, Kevin McEvoy, Pauline Metcalf, Lynden Miller, Tonia Mione Marino, Sydney Moser-Lawless, Katharine Mukherji, Carolyn Ng, Kaitlin Pierce, David Picerno, Catha Rambusch, Richard Reilly, Thomas Romich, William Rooney, William Rosser, John Rusk, Edward SandrowI, Susan Scheer, Janet Schneider, Ronald Schweiger, Peter Serritella, Barnett Shepherd, Jay Smith, Robert Smith, Barbara Solan, Gabriella Sotelo, Thomas Spath, Heather Speas, Erica Stoller, Joseph Svehlak, Franny Taveras, Karen Tomaine, Deborah Wallace, Arete Warren, Kaye Weiss, Diane White, Lindsey Whitehead, Larry Winderbaum, Gloria Withim, and Alan Woodruff